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153 CMG positions to be eliminated in new round of cuts at CBC – CMG calls for moratorium
By  CMG  •  Posted on  October 30, 2014

Details of the latest round of cuts are being announced this morning at CBC/Radio-Canada with a total number of 392 positions scheduled to be eliminated  for 2014-2015, with redundancy notices expected to go out within the next few weeks, with most coming in mid-November. CMG has told management we believe these cuts are premature and management should stop the downsizing until we know the results of the next federal election.

“CBC has told us that 153 of the affected positions in this round of cuts are CMG jobs, including 101 English, 27 French and 25 Corporate,” said Marc-Philippe Laurin, CMG President at CBC. “These cuts include some layoffs that have already taken place, as well as vacant positions and the upcoming  redundancies.”

Corporate-wide, CBC said 154 job will be cut from the English service, 127 French service, and 115 Corporate positions.

“CMG believes management should delay any decisions on further cuts until after the next election, given the clear commitment to increased funding for CBC now being expressed by two major federal political parties, and the strong and growing public support for the national public broadcaster, ” said Carmel Smyth, CMG National president.  “We share the dismay and anger of our members who are losing their jobs yet again.”

We will know more about the impact of the announced cuts by location and department after department meetings being held this morning at CBC/Radio-Canada.

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