National Grievance Committee works through several issues at February meeting
By  CMG  •  Posted on  March 2, 2015

CMG’s National Grievance Committee met with CBC management this past week. We dealt with 28 grievances ranging from termination to union representation.

The committee resolved four grievances covering conversion to permanent status, discipline, termination and severance pay. Six grievances were sent to arbitration, while two policy-related grievances with broader impact on members were moved to the National Joint Committee for further discussion.

The remaining grievances will continue to be discussed in the hopes of finding a resolution, and in two cases the parties agreed to return the grievances to the local level so specific resolutions can be found closer to where the issues were raised.

As always, if you have any questions about your rights or you believe your rights may have been violated, the committee encourages you to seek out your local CMG representatives who are there to help you. To know who your local representatives are please click here.

We also encourage all members to visit the CMG website.

Anu Dawit-Kanna
Pam Petrin
John O’Connor
Michael Robert
Christina Mayo
Marc-Philippe Laurin

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