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We Champion CBC – one of Canada’s greatest public assets
By  CMG  •  Posted on  October 9, 2015

It’s been a busy fall with the upcoming federal election, and as we enter into the Thanksgiving weekend, please take the opportunity to speak with friends and family about the importance of a strong national public broadcaster.

Three out of four of the main national political parties have committed to restoring funding and defending CBC/Radio-Canada’s independence.

The CMG is running a full page ad in the front section of this Saturday’s Globe & Mail.  Watch for it, and use it as a launching point to start conversations. 

Thanks to the many members who have been involved in our workplace initiatives, including the recent day of solidarity in which we wore plaid to represent CBC’s diversity and durability. Some great pics came of the day, too!  

CMG leaders have also shared their thoughts on what CBC/Radio-Canada faces, and have addressed the CBC Board of Directors, in videos posted on the Champion Public Broadcasting Facebook page and on our Youtube channel .  Watch and share these videos in your circles. 

We continue to work closely with our colleagues in Québec where the SCRC union represents three thousand members who work at Radio Canada in Québec and Moncton – they have also been fighting a very public battle to promote CBC/Radio-Canada and public broadcasting. Along with supporters they are marching from Montreal to Ottawa to hand in a charter calling for better funding on Parliament Hill this Monday at noon – please join us if you are in the area.

If you’re still unsure what you can do as a CMG member to champion public broadcasting in this federal election, this post will help clarify things.

Again, over the next week, please speak with friends and family about how this election matters for the future of the CBC and public broadcasting in Canada. Share what you value about CBC; communicate how CBC connects to your idea of Canada.

Also, be sure to vote in the advance polls or on October 19!  And please keep commitments to the CBC in mind when making your decision.

We can build CBC/Radio-Canada into a public broadcaster that serves all Canadians well for generations to come.

#ChampionCBC #DéfendonsSRC

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