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CMG members at TVO vote overwhelmingly for strong renewed mandate to bargain for fairness and respectful treatment
By  CMG  •  Posted on  December 10, 2015

CMG members at TVO have voted overwhelmingly to give the Union a strong renewed mandate to bargain for fairness and respectful treatment.

Fully 93% voted to authorize the bargaining committee to call a strike if management at TVO refuses to make the changes to the collective agreement that will address these issues.

We return to the bargaining table Thursday, December 10.

“I’m thrilled with this result,” said Gregg Thurlbeck, President of CMG at TVO. “It’s great knowing that we have this tremendous level of solidarity and the strong confidence of our members. It’s our intention to get back to the work of negotiating a successful agreement around their most important issues.”

Thank-you to all CMG members who took the time to attend the meetings and to vote.

Your bargaining team will share the results of the vote with management at our next bargaining meeting, and keep you informed of any developments.


*Out of approximately 300 people employed as full-time staff at TVO (including management and other employees), only 35 CMG members are not included in the defined benefit portion of the company’s defined benefit/defined contribution hybrid pension plan.

*In January 2015, the company asked CMG for a contract extension with a 2% salary increase for 2015 only. CMG members rejected the offer and asked for a deal that recognized their contributions by including them in the TVO hybrid pension plan. CMG has returned to the bargaining table with a clear mandate from the membership that inclusion in the defined benefit portion of the plan remains a fundamental issue.

*The union has consistently raised the issue, and proposed a range of tangible ways to address the unfair treatment. The union has had no contract since October 2012. At the current negotiations, CMG has indicated it’s ready to apply for conciliation to help move discussions forward.

Bargaining Committee:

Mike FitzGerald
David Hawkins
Liane Kotler
Christine Lee
Gregg Thurlbeck
Terri Monture, Staff Representative, CMG

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