More money for local news and programming, please: CMG to CRTC
By  CMG  •  Posted on  January 29, 2016

CMG appeared at a CRTC hearing today to make the case that local news is in crisis.

The union shared with the Commission stories of how massive media cuts are undermining local news and programming, with examples from across Canada.

To ensure access to local information and other local programming continues in communities across the country, the CMG is urging the CRTC to set up a dedicated fund. Ce This proposed Public Service Media Fund would be accessible to media providing news locally, and other public service programming, including CBC/Radio-Canada, provincial broadcasters such as TVO and TFO as well as distinctive broadcasters such as APTN.

The CRTC is reviewing local and community television services at a time when local news and programming – a priority for 81 %  of Canadians – are under a great amount of pressure.

Read our presentation here.

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