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CMG requests CRTC rigorously review Shaw sale and the impact on your job
By  CMG  •  Posted on  February 5, 2016

The CMG has joined several unions and production associations calling on the CRTC to hold a rigorous and open public hearing to review the proposed Shaw-Corus transaction.

“There needs to be full discussion about the continued media concentration in Canada,  the risks of diminished production, programming, access to distribution, and the potential impact on jobs. In short, we want the CRTC to examine how this proposed transaction is in the public interest,” said Carmel Smyth, CMG National President.

In addition to leveraging legal and regulatory options to access more information on the sale, the CMG is also closely monitoring the practical impact at 121 Bloor East.  Regardless of the physical location of your unit, including if Shaw relocates to another building, the Canadian Labour Code protects your right to belong to the union.

As per the Canada Labour Code “successor rights”, when a business is transferred from one owner to another, the union’s collective agreement continues to be binding. The union continues to represent employees as long as there is a continuation of the same business; in effect, the new employer ‘steps into the shoes’ of the previous employer and becomes responsible for the former employer’s obligations.

If a sale of an organization results in a major change in the business that affects the unionized workforce, such as when the workforces of two formerly separate businesses are intermingled following a sale, the federal labour board may be asked to review the situation, and in some cases, will order a vote to decide whether a union or which union will represent employees affected by a change.

What this means is if the sale to Corus is confirmed following a CRTC review, Corus will become your employer, and the CMG will remain your union.  Thus Corus will be legally bound by your collective agreement.  If Corus then reorganizes and integrates both operations, this may prompt a labour board review.

We will keep you updated throughout the process. If you have information to share or questions to ask, get in touch any time.

Terri Monture
Staff Representative

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