CMG meets with Ontario Premier Wynne to discuss strong future for TVO and TFO
By  CMG  •  Posted on  April 7, 2016

CMG met with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne today to discuss the vital role educational public broadcasters TVO and TFO play in a healthy media environment, and to make the case for better support.

CMG meeets Premier Wynne

We shared examples of TVO and TFO’s unique and popular programming in public affairs, culture and children’s programming, and emphasized the need for stable jobs for the people who create the innovative, educational and entertaining content. We also highlighted TFO’s specific role in serving Franco-Ontarians.

Other issues discussed include:

*The need for increased investments in original programming for television and digital platforms

*Improving working conditions, including by curbing the increase in precarious or temporary work, and ensuring pension fairness

*Protections for journalistic integrity and editorial independence

*The need for a transparent process, including gender and cultural diversity, in selecting Executive Boards.

The Premier indicated her appreciation for and understanding of the role of TVO and TFO, and reiterated her government’s continued support.

In addition to discussing the provincial educational public broadcasters, Wynne talked about setting up a provincial review of the challenges facing media in general and invited CMG to participate.

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