Have you heard the great news? You can now get your own dedicated account to an online training service
By  CMG  •  Posted on  August 24, 2016

The online training program that is sponsored through our parent union CWA Canada is now assigning users their very own dedicated account to the online skills training in creative fields like design, audio, music and photography, as well as business, leadership, marketing, and lots more.

With this change, there is no longer a two-week rotating schedule to access  the service.

The program is offered through CWA/NETT Academy which has a full complement of on-line and on-location training resources for members.

To request your access today, write to info@cmg.ca to get sign-up information.  Please share this process with your fellow CMG/CWA Canada members.

When you access the service, check out some of the new and exciting offerings now available, including a new education partner made up at 100% by CWA members.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the site, please contact one of the National Education Committee members:

Helen Bagshaw     hbagshaw@sympatico.ca
Jonathan Spence  jonathan.spence@utoronto.ca
Joe Fiorino             joe@fiorino.ca
Anna-May Zeviar   amzeviar@gmail.com
Kirsten Patterson  kirstentv123@gmail.com

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