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Collective negotiations for fairness in pay and working conditions – Vote!
By  CMG  •  Posted on  January 25, 2017

Message for our Corus colleagues:
If you and your colleagues decide to unionize at Corus, the next step will be to collectively decide your priorities for negotiations with the employer. A team of skilled CMG staff and Corus union members will negotiate the compensation, benefits and working conditions you’d like to see in a collective agreement.
This agreement (unlike employer policies) is enforceable. If Corus management breaks their commitment, with a union you have the ability to hold them accountable.
Negotiating for fairness in pay

The current union-negotiated salary scales at Shaw are:

Master Control Operators and INR Operators
Year 1 at the company: $48,000
Year 2: $50,000
Year 3: $52,000
Year 4: $54,000   
Year 5: $56,000
This averages out to a 4% increase a year
Broadcast Technologists
Year 1 at the company: $62,000
Year 2: $64,000
Year 3: $66,000
Year 4: $68,000
Year 5: $70,000
This averages out to a 3.1% increase a year

Meanwhile, Corus spent $134,100 just on salary increases given to 4 executives in 1 year. (If you include incentives and bonuses, the compensation to six executives totaled $15,066,777 in 2015)


Corus has the money for fair salary increases for all its employees.
When employees come together as a union, our collective voice provides a counterbalance to the power of employers to undervalue their skilled workforce.
The fact is everyone stands to benefit from a unionized workplace, including Corus. Unionized workplaces have better pay and working conditions, which means happier, more productive employees who are likely to stick around.
Most media workers have decided they need a union.  
The choice now is yours.
We feel it is important that everyone at Corus be fully informed before you vote this week, which is why we are sending this email to you directly.
You get to decide.  No one will ever know how you voted.  It is a secret ballot vote conducted by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.
The vote is scheduled for Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27.
Questions? Get in touch:
Kat Lapointe        416-795-8598
Matt Douglas      647-449-8169


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