CMG to ensure members’ rights respected in VICE layoffs
By  CMG  •  Posted on  July 21, 2017

VICE Media has announced job cuts worldwide, with layoffs affecting some CMG members in Canada.

As skilled and dedicated media workers, CMG members know that layoffs always take a toll, not only on those who are directly affected but also on co-workers who remain employed.

As a union, our priority is to ensure CMG members’ rights are respected in accordance with our collective agreements.

Canadian Media Guild representatives are in contact with VICE management, obtaining more information about the situation and working to ensure members are treated fairly.

As always, we’ll pull together for fairness, quality jobs, and for the principles and provisions that we’ve collectively bargained with the employer.

Maggie McCaw, CMG Branch President at VICE Media

Kamala Rao, CMG National President


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