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CBC’s relaunched flagship news program should reflect the best of public broadcasting: CMG
By  CMG  •  Posted on  August 1, 2017

The newly announced anchors of CBC’s relaunched flagship news program will be working alongside dedicated and skilled co-workers to deliver quality news and current affairs programming through Canada’s national public broadcaster.

Along with its new anchors, the relaunched program will feature, as always, the work of talented CMG members who research, write, investigate, chase, produce, shoot, and otherwise shape the stories that we see and hear across all CBC/Radio-Canada’s platforms. 

The relaunched program is also expected to harness the latest in technological innovations with the goal of providing optimal service to the public across all platforms. This requires commitment from staff, but also from the Corporation and the government.

The commitments already made by the federal Liberal government to invest in Canada’s national public broadcaster are welcome. However, further investments are required in order to support a vibrant CBC/Radio-Canada, and a network program that is truly national in scope, feasibly grounded in local news gathering, and easily available across Canada.

CBC News programming must continue to be a vital source of reliable news and current affairs programming from a Canadian perspective, one that contributes to our democracy and sets the standard for our industry.

With the relaunch of the flagship program, CMG members will remain at the heart of CBC news and current affairs programming — programming that serves Canadians, reflects the best of public broadcasting, and is as relevant as ever in a changing media and cultural landscape.


Jonathan Spence 
Branch President at CBC/Radio-Canada
Canadian Media Guild

Kamala Rao 
National President 
Canadian Media Guild


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