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CMG, CBC union, troubled by death at CBC building in Toronto
By  CMG  •  Posted on  July 14, 2019

We are disturbed and saddened to learn of the death at the CBC’s Toronto building on Saturday.

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is a union comprised of over five thousand (5000) media workers. Over 4000 CMG members are employees at CBC/Radio-Canada (CBC). Many of us work at the CBC building in Toronto.

Reports from sources indicate that a person died yesterday while apparently working inside the building in relation to its physical infrastructure. While we do not have verification of the activity we mourn the death. We understand that the Ontario Ministry of Labour is investigating the incident.

Our union is located within the wider labour movement. The death of any worker on the job, due to circumstances related to their employment, is a concern and viewed as potentially preventable. Workers of all sorts, regardless of our particular labours, union affiliation (or lack thereof),  join together in a fundamental desire for the safest working conditions possible, regardless of our immediate assignments and duties. The ultimate goal  is to prevent on-the-job worker injuries and deaths before they occur.

Our thoughts are with the person who died yesterday and their loved ones.

We are also reflecting on the wellbeing of all of our fellow CMG members who have been affected by this disturbing occurrence at one of our flagship worksites. It can be very difficult to bear witness to terrible incidents such as this, especially when so unexpected, and within our workplace.

To CMG members, please be kind to yourselves and each other, and consider talking things over with a counsellor or someone you trust.  Know that our union organization is available to lend support; please connect and let us know what assistance you may need, and  share anything you deem relevant and appropriate.

CMG will follow the Ministry of Labour’s investigation into this tragic incident.

In solidarity,

Naomi Robinson
President, Toronto Location Unit, CBC/SRC Branch, CMG

Jonathan Spence
President, CBC/SRC Branch, CMG

Kamala Rao
President, Canadian Media Guild


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