Negotiations at VICE – Positive progress at the bargaining table  
By  CMG  •  Posted on  March 19, 2020

The CMG bargaining team at VICE has met with the company twice recently as work on negotiating a new collective agreement continues.
We are happy to report the talks have been positive.  Both sides have already signed off on a number of key items.
Our hope is to continue making progress so we can move forward with good momentum, and reach a new deal  in a timely manner.
We are working on setting up future bargaining dates, and look forward to keeping you updated as we meet with the company in the weeks ahead.
As always, we value your insight and input. Please continue to share your concerns and ideas with your bargaining team. Working together is how we ensure good gains for everyone.
CMG Bargaining Committee at VICE:

Natasha Grzincic (
Jordan  Pearson (
Aidan Johnston (
Gabe Knox (
Ally Ding (, Staff Representative, CMG 

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