The Canadian Media Guild condemns attacks on journalists and citizens
By  CMG  •  Posted on  June 2, 2020

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) condemns the attacks on journalists and media who are reporting on the protests and aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, a Black American by a White police officer in Minneapolis.  We are deeply saddened by the continued violence and racism against our fellow Black and Indigenous citizens in the US, Canada and everywhere else it occurs.

We are concerned about the attacks against journalists in the U.S. who have been targeted, assaulted, and arrested for doing their jobs. This weekend, CMG members from CBC covering the protests were hit by tear gas and police projectiles.

This violence is unacceptable in democracies that have an obligation to protect human rights and press freedom.

To our Black and Indigenous colleagues and friends who have experienced the personal anguish of racism intended or unconscious, we know how hurtful watching this unfold has been.
And we recognize the unique role of the media: Positive change comes with understanding, and that’s why it’s so important that media include workers from all backgrounds. It’s a clear way to deeper understanding, and finding real and lasting solutions that will benefit us all.

Carmel Smyth,
National President, Canadian Media Guild, CWA Canada Local 30213

Kim Trynacity,
President, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch

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