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By  CMG  •  Posted on  January 22, 2021

Due to recent retirements, we have a number of spots to fill on our national joint committees.

These days, our committee work is done by Zoom, but post-pandemic, we are hoping to resume in-person meetings which are held in either Toronto or Ottawa.

Committee members get paid time off from work to attend joint meetings with management, and travel costs for members outside Toronto are covered.

Click here to apply to sit on any of the committees described below – indicate which committee is your preference.

National Grievance Committee: Handles grievances referred to the national level. It’s where we really put the collective agreement to the test. This committee meets several times a year and requires good analytical and critical thinking skills. Experience on local grievance committees is an asset.

Pay Equity Committee: Mandated under the collective agreement to address disparities in pay between men and women. With a new federal commissioner appointed, this committee will be responsible for navigating the CBC through stricter compliance measures and requirements.

National Joint Committee: Meets regularly with upper management to deal with workplace issues that are national in scope and works to maintain the relationship between the Guild and management.

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits: Critically important committee which oversees the CBC’s benefit and insurance plans and makes recommendations on the pension plan.

National Joint Employment Planning Committee: When job cuts occur, this group deals with downsizing, including the layoff and recall procedure.

Performance Management and Staff Development: Guides this joint union-management program.

National Health and Safety Policy Committee: Develops and monitors health and safety programs as well as prevention of workplace hazards. These issues can range from mental health issues, to working under unsafe conditions in the field or office. Previous membership on a local health and safety committee is required.

Branch By-law and Policy Committee: A precise and detailed Guild committee responsible for the review and upkeep of the Branch bylaws and ensuring they conform to the CMG and CWA-SCA Canada bylaws and constitutions.

Click here to review the branch policy on committees.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

The CMG executive at CBC will make the final selection of members of each committee, based on the content of the applications. Please submit a separate application for each committee using our online form.

Your union needs you, and your experience.

Kim Trynacity
CBC/Radio-Canada Branch President, Canadian Media Guild (CMG)


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