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CMG members at PMNA vote for a single Location Unit and ratify the new collective agreement
By  CMG  •  Posted on  April 23, 2021

CMG members have voted 82% in favour of merging the Calgary and Toronto PMNA location units into a single unit.

In a second decision, PMNA Toronto has voted 80% in favour of ratifying the new three-year collective agreement.

Members and the bargaining team worked hard to achieve improvements in an exceptionally tough environment. It is hoped that the merged unit will lead to greater strength and collective gains including at the bargaining table in the future.

The final copy of the new collective agreement will be available online and in print shortly.

The CMG bargaining committee at PMNA:

Sarah Munn, CMG Location Unit member, PMNA Toronto
Mary McComish, CMG Location Unit President, PMNA Calgary
Scott Edmonds, CMG’s acting Staff Representative (
Julie-Anne Vondrejs, CMG Staff Representative (


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