About the aptn Branch

The Guild represents around 45 employees at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Our members at aptn include producers, studio crew, reporters, master control operators, videojournalists, researchers, shooter/editors, anchors and broadcast technicians. Guild members at aptn are primarily responsible for network operations, and producing APTN National News and Contact, the network’s national call-in show.

Our History with the Guild…

The first Guild bargaining unit at aptn was certified in 2002, consisting of 18 editorial staff in the News & Current Affairs department. Another bargaining unit, representing technicians from the Operations department, was certified in 2004. Our members at aptn are the first employees of a national Aboriginal organization to unionize in Canada.

aptn is the world’s first, and only, national broadcaster dedicated to Indigenous Peoples programming, serving First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada. About 20 per cent of its programming is in an Aboriginal language.

aptn first started broadcasting in 1999. It is not a public broadcaster. It is a self-sufficient, private, not-for-profit corporation. It is based in Winnipeg, MB, with news bureaus in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Yellowknife.

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