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Bargaining Survey for CMG members at Pagemasters North America


  • Survey

  • Please rank the importance to you of each of the following broad issues from 1 (not very important) to 5 (extremely important):

  • (how employees are compensated during an extended leave following the birth/adoption of a child)
  • (I often have more work to do than I have time to do it in)
  • (days and hours of work, days off)
  • (how much time off I get, how it's accumulated and used up)
  • (time within my shift to get away from my desk)
  • (working conditions, including salaries and benefits)
  • (how much I get paid and how I achieve salary raises)
  • (building a plan, joining an existing plan or making contributions to a group plan)
  • (how people are brought into PMNA and how they advance within the organization)
  • (what happens if/when Pagemasters has to cut back, and how people should be treated)
  • (how I learn to do my current job more efficiently, and how I can develop new skills)
  • A few questions about you

  • The next five questions are for employees who are currently part-time or have worked part-time within the past six months

  • For everyone

  • Thanks again for participating. Your responses are important as we work toward improving our working life with the company.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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