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By CMG  •  Posted on October 7, 2022

The four-year collective agreement between CMG and APTN is effective from April 25, 2022 to April 24, 2026. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on September 27, 2022

Dear CMG member at APTN, Polls are now open for CMG members working at APTN to vote on the CMG-APTN tentative agreement. To cast your vote, please go to the CMG online voting system. In order to vote, you will … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on April 29, 2022

Our bargaining committee met with the Employer’s team last week and introduced some of our monetary proposals at that session. We had spent the previous meetings working through the many non-monetary items that the union proposed. While the two sides … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on February 15, 2022

This month, we begin bargaining our next collective agreement at APTN.  Your CMG bargaining team: Charmaine Straker, Dennis Rondeau and Tom Fennario,  as well as CMG staff rep, Joël Tétreault Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on November 19, 2021

Everyone please save Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 7:30 p.m. CST for our next meeting. And we need three volunteers needed to serve on the bargaining committee. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on November 16, 2021

To help prepare our union for the renewal of our collective agreement with APTN, we have developed a survey to gather members’ ideas, concerns and priorities. The survey period has now been extended to Friday, Dec. 3, 2021. Please take … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 29, 2021

Our collective agreement with APTN is up for renewal, and negotiations for a new contract between the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members and the company are set to begin before the expiration date of April 2022. To help prepare our … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 28, 2021

The union has been made aware of APTN’s announcement of a mandatory vaccination plans and are still assessing the protocols in the employer’s policy. We are also having our lawyers review the announced protocols to ensure no member’s health or … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 26, 2021

General membership meeting for CMG members at APTN: Sun, Nov. 14, 2021, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. CST. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on March 26, 2021

                Congratulations to APTN reporters Kenneth Jackson and Cullen Crozier, recognized at the 2021 Canadian Hillman Prize for their investigative work which exposed the neglect and death of Indigenous children in connection to … Read more »

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Guild members at APTN are primarily responsible for network operations, and producing APTN National News and Contact, the network’s national call-in show. Read more >>

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