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CMG National Committees – CBC Branch

Please find below your CBC Branch Committee members. If there are questions, please speak with CBC Branch President Kim Trynacity ( or with your local executive.

CBC/Radio-Canada Branch Committees members 2020-2022

Employee Assistance Program Board
Anita Adams – Toronto
Marie-Hélène Robitaille – Vancouver
Shane Ross – Charlottetown

Joint Employment Equity (JEED/JEDI)
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Co-Chair Vancouver
Sujata Berry – Toronto
Adrian Harewood – Ottawa
Khaleel Mohammed – Toronto

Joint Pay Equity Committee
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski  – Co-chair Vancouver
Denis Ball – Vancouver
Caroline Levesque – Halifax

Terri Monture and Ally Ding– Staff Representative

National Grievance Committee
Kim Trynacity – Co-chair
Brent Cousland – Toronto
Maria-Carmen Gutierrez – Vancouver
Pierre Millette – Ottawa

National Joint Committee
Kim Trynacity   – Co-chair
Trent Peppler – Regina
Naomi Robinson – Toronto

Olivier Roy – Staff Representative

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefit
Kim Trynacity
Vik Adhopia – Toronto
Murray Cullen – Halifax
Nola Keeler – Edmonton

Olivier Roy – Staff Representative

National Job Evaluation Committee
Tamara Baluja – Vancouver
Ron Boileau – Winnipeg
Brad Childs – St. John’s
Farzad Fatholahzadeh – Toronto

Marianne Malo-Chenard – Staff Representative

National Joint Performance Management and Staff Development Committee
Debora Grant-Barkun – Ottawa
Michael Hillman – Vancouver

National Health and Safety Policy Committee
Faith Fundal – Prince George
Josée St-Onge – Edmonton

Olivier Roy – Staff Representative

Corporate Steering Committee
Kim Trynacity
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Vancouver
Naomi Robinson – Toronto

Learning and Development Committee
Jennifer Chen – Ottawa
Mark Evans – Whitehorse
John Robertson – Charlottetown

CBC Branch Education and Mobilization Committee
Mireille Beaupré-Walsh – Regina
David Horemans – Vancouver
Nadia Jannif – Surrey
Nuruddin Qorane – Toronto

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