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CMG Elections 2017 – Candidate profile: Carmel Smyth

I hope you’ll vote for me, in the upcoming election for the position of CMG/CBC vice-president.

I was a steward, vice-president & then ​president of my Toronto local over a ten​ year period

​During that time I led a team advocating for the one-union vote, helped implement regular meetings with new hires, and organized our first CMG-Toronto celebrations to honour Black History Month, Aboriginal Day, and Pride; Events I still feel strongly about. These were so popular CBC agreed to do joint CBC-CMG events for several years.

During the 8-week lockout I volunteered to make sure we had entertainment every day, building relationship with the music and creative industries in TO,  to boost morale on the picket lines, while increasing visibility and public support.

At work, I helped managers and colleagues find solutions and resolve grievances.

As ​National President I was forced to take on the unenviable task of balancing the budget and juggling ​financial pressures that forced a reorganization of the office.  A pro-active NEC tackled issues that had been debated for years, including downsizing the office and saving hundreds of thousands on rent, so dues wouldn’t increase.

​ More enjoyably I was able to help build CMG`s public presence, making it more visible and politically influential. Benefits that have helped win political support and increased interest from other media workers to join CMG.

​ As someone who has worked in a variety of roles in newsrooms across the country,   (radio/tv reporting/ writing/editing and producing,  in Ont., B.C., Sk. and  NL), I understand the challenges.

Along the way I have developed skills, contacts & information I hope will be a valuable and helpful contribution to the CMG’s team at CBC in the role of a vice-president.


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