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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Brent Cousland

My name is Brent Cousland, I am running for the position of Canadian Media Guild Vice President. I’ve worked for CBC for over 12 years in News Production. I have more than 25 years experience in the broadcast industry as a technician and producer. Currently I am a Resource Specialist in the Toronto newsroom.

I’ve been an elected member of the CMG since 2016, as a Chief Steward and currently as Director of Health, Safety, and Wellness on our Toronto Local Executive Committee. I have been the Co-chair of the Toronto Workplace Health and Safety Committee since 2017 and currently sit on the Toronto Temporary Workers Committee, CBC Branch Bylaws and Policy Committee, and am the Toronto Representative of the CBC National Grievance Committee. I’ve also represented and assisted in numerous members cases.

I believe in a strong union that represents, educates, and is accountable to its members in an honest and open manner. As Vice President I will make it a priority to enhance how our Union communicates with members by designing a phone app and new website. Both will allow us to contact Staff Representatives more easily, educate members and elected officials with online courses and information. It will also allow us to present financial, Trustee and annual review reports openly to our membership.

We need to support our Temporary workers by informing them better about their rights. We need to support and develop the new CBC Temp Committees across the country with techniques we’ve learned from the Toronto Committee and create ways of notifying members when they reach +13 weeks, etc. We also need to support our future retirees with accessible information and courses to help them prepare for retirement. I will ask for a review of how we manage members’ personal information and how we share that information and documentation within our Union. I will also review our financial records to find ways to better manage spending.

I feel we need to be a voice in our industry to support journalism and media workers better and deliver a Union our members can be proud of. That is why I am asking for your support for Vice President of the Canadian Media Guild. Please feel free to visit my website or ask me a question by email or in person.

Thank you

Brent Cousland

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