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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Carmel Smyth

I am a long time reporter/producer and union activist. Along with a fresh team from across the country, I believe we can and must make the union more effective.

We need a  more visible and outspoken leadership to make realistic workloads,  compensation for multi-tasking, and equal access to jobs, training and opportunities priorities. We also need to stop the  increase in temporary work, (one in four workers at CBC works random, irregular hours). This precarious work hurts individuals and the journalism industry.  So does a lack of diversity. We can do more to improve both. We also hope to bring back union education.

A new team will bring a proven strategy and an ability to advocate publicly and be more outspoken in the service of all media workers. This would help members at all CMG branches, including The Canadian Press, Thomson Reuters, APTN, tfo/TVO, Zoomer and VICE.

In previous roles as a local (Toronto CBC)  and national president I made dealing with temps, diversity and improving the grievance/ bullying/harassment  processes, priorities. Under my leadership the NEC also gave local presidents time off for union work, reformed  CMG finances, and saved tens of thousands of dollars in your money by buying a small office, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on a downtown Toronto office.  All this to ensure your dues are spent in an accountable and transparent way, and don’t go up.

We also ran national campaigns to promote the media and  public broadcasting, held a pro-CBC concert at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, helped spark a Media Crisis conference at Ryerson University,  and successfully lobbyed for better funding in the federal election by outreach and working jointly with academics and community groups who believe in independent media.   We won’t hesitate to speak up on your behalf again, (even calling out the CBC president to resign), or to insist the company enforces and follows a collective agreement both sides have  already agreed on.

Thank you for your support.

Carmel Smyth

Award winning journalist, national producer, Ontario,  BC, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, worked in Radio,TV, and digital services for CBC  and private networks (CFTK, CKNW). 

Winner -CMG National Award  2010 – for organizing and expanding the union.

Winner-CMG Presidents Award 2018 -for contributions to the union’s growth and development

Awarded Union Fellowship to Harvard University -Labour Leadership program 2010,  (647) 762-4752 FB, Twitter, Instagram)

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