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CMG delegates to CWA Convention 2019 – Candidate profile: Gerry Whelan

Currently holding the position as CMG Freelance Branch Regional Representative for Atlantic Canada.

Since assuming my position last fall, I have set a goal of updating our membership in the Atlantic, along with compiling a list of Freelancers in the Region.

Another on-going project is to inform Federation of Labour organizations in the Atlantic about available Freelancers who could be hired on a short and long-term contracts.

Labour background goes back to being a Freelancer with the CBC and a Maritime Executive member under the ACTRA contract.

While employed by the CBC in the 80’s and 90’s, held Union positions including President of the Guild CBC local in Halifax.

From 2000 to 2015, Atlantic Staff Representative for the Guild. That job included servicing all CMG locals in the region and help organize new members across the country.

Part of those organizing drives included APTN and the Chronicle Herald Newsroom in Halifax.

I’ve put my name forward as a delegate to the up coming CWA convention.

I am seeking your support and would appreciate it.

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