CMG delegates to CWA Convention 2019 – Candidate profile: Jonathan Spence

As President of the CBC /Radio Canada Branch of the Canadian Media Guild, by far the largest unit for CMG and CWA/SCA Canada, it is critical that I am able to represent CBC/Radio Canada employees as a delegate at the  CWA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 29-31, 2019.

I was elected to represent all CBC/Radio Canada members’ interests to the employer, the public and  I am well positioned to speak for CMG members at our international union convention.  Also, I was also elected as a member of the executive committee of CWA/SCA Canada.

During my 14 years as a Guild activist I have been on numerous committees and held several elected positions at all levels of the Canadian Media Guild.  I have graduated from the CLC’s Canada Labour College, I served as the Treasurer on the National Executive Committee, as the CBC Branch Treasurer, as a member of the Toronto location unit Temporary Employee Committee, and the CBC Branch National Grievance Committee, among other roles.

The positions I’ve held have provided me with experience in the policy, political and financial realities facing CBC /Radio Canada particularly, but also our other branches and the wider union movement in Canada.

I commit to speaking for you at this convention and reporting back to you to keep our union membership informed and engaged.

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