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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Kim Trynacity

Kim Trynacity  CBC/ Radio-Canada Branch Executive  President

Fresh ideas, new leadership, experience

Our union needs new leadership from a journalist who knows what it’s like to work in the field, and wants to adapt CMG (CBC/Radio-Canada) to the changing media environment.

This election is about leadership of our union.

I’m running to be your president because we need to react quickly to fast-moving problems. From online trolling, perpetual temps, and mismanaged overtime issues –members need to know their union has their back.

We desperately need to engage new colleagues who are in a unionized workplace for the very first time. CMG must matter.

I feel with my extensive background as a rank and file union activist over three decades and my broad range of experience as a reporter I have the skills and dogged persistence to represent all of you.

As the first Branch president from Western Canada, I will bring a unique perspective to the leadership of our union from the CBC/Radio-Canada regions.

I will make recruiting and engaging new members a priority, strive to provide union education to everyone who wants it regardless of location size, and vigorously defend our collective agreement.

My plan

1. Create a Temp Task Force – to investigate the ongoing problems associated with precarious employment at CBC/Radio-Canada.

2. Stand up for members who are trolled and harassed on social media just for doing their jobs.

3. Research the long-term impact of sustained online harassment.

4. Be transparent in all levels of decision making.

5.Improve member communication through targeted social media messaging.

6. Strive for all CMG CBC/Radio-Canada activities to be gender balanced and diverse.

7. Hold our own Cross Canada Checkup style- telephone town hall to field questions from members.

8. Create an education forum on labour issues


I’m not a career union politician, but I’ve served everywhere I’ve worked.

Starting from my days as a CTV sports reporter I have been a local shop steward, a vice-president, president, and most recently, the Prairie Director of the CBC Branch Executive Committee (BEC).

I’ve been a TV and radio newsreader, anchor, host and reporter. For the last decade or so I’ve been the Provincial Affairs reporter at the Alberta Legislature. I’ve worked in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the NWT, and been seconded to Toronto and Ottawa, and currently live and work in Edmonton.

I have advocated for members through grievances, job loss, conflict, and change.

I have served on the joint national pay-equity committee, and acted as the BEC New Members Director.


At my initiative, the BEC took its national meetings from downtown Toronto to the regions. I also put an end to using member dues to pay for liquor at BEC meetings. As the Prairie Director I provided regular member updates and established good communication with locations.

Like many of you, I’m an award-winning journalist who has survived the difficult transition from filing on one platform – to three.

I was able to go through it all, in part, because I went back to University in 2015, to earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Intercultural and International Communication to supplement my BA in political science. There I developed leadership skills while completing project work, and also published an award winning thesis documentary.

Please vote for me as your NEW Branch (BEC) President.

Text, call or email if you’d like to chat.


Ledgewatcher@twitter  (Though because of harassment I don’t tweet much anymore) Kim Trynacity

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