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CMG delegates to CWA Convention 2019 – Candidate profile: Neil Herland

Neil Herland is a bilingual journalist who has been at CBC News since 1997. He currently works as a network radio news reader and editor. You might go to sleep or wake up hearing his voice on your radio. Over the years, he has worked for CBC in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, and New York. His union roles have included Vice-President of the Toronto and Calgary locals. Neil took an active role in the recent NewsGuild-CWA Presidential campaign, supporting the youthful vision of Jon Schleuss. When Schleuss came to Canada, Neil gave him a tour of our CBC studios and spoke to him about the challenges facing all our Canadian colleagues in media. If selected to the upcoming convention, Neil will be a strong voice for our CMG members.

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