CMG delegates to CWA Convention 2019 – Candidate profile: Trent Peppler

I am currently a videographer/drone pilot as well as the President of the Regina Local of the Canadian Media Guild and am seeking your support to becoming a delegate to the CWA Biennial Convention.

I presently co-chair the LJC, LJEC, Workload Committee and am the Union Representative on the  Health and Safety Committee as well as chair the LEC.

I have been involved in the union here in Regina for the past 9 yrs first as the Vice President and then as President for the past 7 years. It is my belief that  a union owes a duty of fair representation to all of the workers it represents and that this duty requires the union act fairly, impartially and without ill will.

I also feel that unions are not insurance policies that a member can hide behind and expect someone else to solve their problems, but a place where members work together and collaboratively to solve individual issues or common problems.

Thanks for your support.

In solidarity

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