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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Jordanna Lake

Hi Fellow Members of the Canadian Media Guild!

I am your National Vice President of the Canadian Media Guild (CMG)  a position which I’ve held since 2016. During my tenure, I’ve been involved in the CMG move to the new offices at 311 Adelaide Street East. I helped fight the Pension Bill C-57, helped launch the CMG Facebook page to keep better in touch with you, our members!  I also serve on a number of committees including National Executive, Management, Hiring, Grievance, Bargaining, Local Joint and Health and Safety. 

I work full time at CBC in Toronto as a senior producer assigned to News In Review making educational documentaries.  As a CBC employee, I know how volatile these times are for media workers. The industry is under pressure and we all know the world is going digital, but at what cost? Workloads seem heavier and being tied to our phones means we feel expected to take our work home with us.  I believe a union is the best front line against unfair work practises and towards a better work experience. 

That’s why I want to represent you as the V.P of the CBC/Radio-Canada Branch. 

Here’s are some of the things I’d like to work on as your Branch Vice-President:

– Help in setting up a structure to ensure Freelance Members are properly represented and protected.

– Help organize and improve the steward system.

– Member education of the new collective agreement and tools to enforce the terms.

– Improve scheduling for those affected by the exclusion of the 5-day work week.

– Continue to encourage the job evaluation process to review the changing roles and bands. 

I became active in the Union’s Toronto Local Unit in 2012, serving as Secretary for several years before moving to National.  As National V.P., I’ve spent the past three years getting to know our CMG representatives from branches including APTN, Canadian Press, Thomson Reuters, TVO/TFO, Vice, Zoomer. I’ve also had the opportunity to  represent CMG members within our wider union, CWA Canada and The NewsGuild – CWA.  This has afforded me the opportunity to share ideas with members and delegates across North America.  Now I want to get back to CBC issues.

So please Vote for me as V.P. of the CBC/Radio-Canada Branch.

In solidarity, 

Jordanna Lake

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