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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Lorne Shapiro

I am a librarian by nature and profession. I organize information so that it easily accessible and understandable. As a cataloguing librarian for over twenty years (almost 16 of those at CBC), I have used my organizational skills to make all kinds of media and information accessible to a wide range of CBC users, and academics before that.

Over the last year-and-a-half, I have sat on the Local Grievance Committee, working closely with our members, management, and HR, to resolve conflicts. I have also been a minute-taker at the LGC pre-meets for the Guild, in an unofficial, but recognized capacity.

Most recently, I have also become an alternate with the Local Joint Committee and, as a Union Steward, I make myself available to all my colleagues with the aim of improving communication between members and management, to resolve issues as respectfully and amicably as possible.

Outside of work, I had recently spent four years on the board for the Toronto-based Scaramella concert series in the role of secretary, honing my meeting-reporting skills, minute by minute, you might say. I had to create and deliver reports and keep the minutes ordered and accurate for potential government audits. As it was a small board, I had also worked closely with the treasurer to make sensible decisions on the extremely limited budget with which we had to work.

Some other features that I offer are that, having grown up in Montreal and going through French immersion, I can speak French well enough to communicate with my French colleagues in their language. I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled to a number of our CBC locations across the north, in my current role on the Indigenous Languages Archives project, and work with different teams, who work in a variety of Indigenous languages. The exposure to different CBC locations across the country allowed me an extraordinary opportunity to gain perspectives on the needs of each specific location.

It is with this experience and these skills that I ask for the opportunity to serve you as Branch Secretary-Treasurer in the upcoming election.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lorne J. Shapiro

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