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CMG Elections 2019 – Candidate profile: Pauline Pemik

I am running for the Northern Director position with the Canadian Media Guild.

I currently live in Iqaluit, but I am an Arviat girl at heart.  I grew up there, a small community on the Northern shores of Hudson Bay.  Today, my daily routine is TV production, alongside a great team for our unique bilingual TV news show, Igalaaq.

I joined the union in 2017.  I wanted to learn how to help and strengthen solidarity in the North.  A very special place with a rich culture.

I am Inuk but I like to think I had the best of both worlds having a Mom that grew up in Ontario, which was another whole different world to explore for me.

During my time working with the union I was welcomed at the 2017 convention with open arms and I felt that this was a place where Inuit and people who live in isolated locations could have a voice.

In 2018 I was selected to be on the National bargaining committee to negotiate the new Collective Agreement.  During that time I gained experience in policies and procedures as well as what it is like face to face with management on tough issues.  It was exciting and it was hard, but it left a place in my mind reminding me there is so much more I can do….  I am very outspoken and not afraid to stand up for the rights of members.

I want to be able to speak up for women and respect in the workplace, I want to help those with disabilities at work feel they are included and secure.  I want to help those in the North not only for Nunavummiut but our neighbors in the YUKON and the NWT.

For many years the North suffered and those who fought for us to have fairness and equality seemed to be ignored and pushed aside. Having Inuit presence in person gave support to those members who worked so hard for us over the years.

I want to be able to enhance MORE the benefits and security for members.

I am bilingual and can communicate with the Inuit staff, most of whom never got involved with roles in the union due to language barriers.

Each Territory is unique, we need to make sure this is clear and that we are all represented equally and fairly.

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