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CMG Elections 2020 – Candidate profile: Lynne Chichakian

I am very excited to be running for the position of CMG National Secretary/ Treasurer, and hope to continue to be a vocal advocate for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability in that position.

I am an award winning journalist, and my CBC career started in Television, at Midday, twenty three years ago as a producer.  Since then I have worked at News Network – Television Documentary Unit, on both the English and French side, and I am presently a producer at Radio Syndication in Toronto.

While I have always been a union supporter,  I became active on the Toronto LEC two years ago.   I currently hold the position of Director of Human Rights / Equity / Diversity.

Last fall I began a grassroots project to get people more connected to our union.

This included reaching out to 250 members in Toronto (most in person), and getting them to sign their union cards, and ensuring they would receive our CMG bulletins.

I had started to branch out across the country when Covid- 19 sent most of us home. This project showed me that members want more union, particularly the younger members.  My hope is while sitting on the National Level I can continue this effective work, and contribute to building a stronger more connected CMG.

I am a single mother of two daughters and know the challenges of work life balance, and how hard we work for our compensation.  I look forward to supporting our members as we collectively face challenges and opportunities.

The dues you pay are there to support members, and fuel the improvements in our workplace, and I will make sure that is the case.

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