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Freelance membership: a new era

The CMG supports freelancers – Canada’s fastest-growing sector of creative, media and communications and knowledge workers – toward more sustainable work and home lives.

As freelancers increase in number, we can dramatically increase our clout if we join together constructively. This is why CMG has sought more ways to support freelance media professionals (self-employed or non-employee) who have multiple engagers or clients.

You may be working as an individual, or through an association, collective or professional group. You may be a beginner at your craft, an emerging or newly independent professional, or have a lifetime of expertise freelancing in your field.

Whatever your media talent or stage of professional experience, for an annual fee of $150, you can join Canadian Media Guild Freelance, connect with others across Canada and cyberspace, and enjoy the benefits of our services and resources.

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CMG knows today’s freelance realities
We have seen how technological changes and industry consolidation have transformed the production of media, communications, information and entertainment, for better and worse.

Freelance work is increasingly done remotely – even transnationally – and we now enjoy unprecedented connectivity with collaborators and audiences. But this very advantage can be a disadvantage with engagers.

Freelancers often work in isolation from colleagues and peers and are unaware of each other’s work and conditions. We have little to no opportunity to directly meet or even speak with the producers, managers, publishers and clients who commission our talents, products and services.

More than ever our engagements are one-offs, piece-by-piece, project-by-project and contract-to-contract, with less regularity and decreasing security. Workers new to a particular craft, field of work, or platform are too often requested to volunteer, intern, or contribute for no more reward than public exposure or on-the-job practice. This is not good enough.

When we are paid, we are expected to be adept and versatile across a greater range of media, absorb more up-front costs of production, and deliver products for multiple platforms without any increase to our rates. Engagers ask us to waive our intellectual property rights, provide our own insurance against risks and supply our own equipment. Our expected working conditions even put our health and safety at risk.

In the context of such fluid, intensifying and often distant relationships, engager respect for and accountability to freelancers, our crafts and professions has become scarce. All these factors impact our work, our reputations and our lives.

But we don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Become a member of the Canadian Media Guild. Join our freelancer dialogue and tell us about yourself, your media crafts, and what you need to make your work life better.

Find out more about our services and resources for freelancers.

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