Getting involved at your workplace

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We are 6000 journalists, hosts, producers, technicians, videographers, editors, librarians, programmers, sales reps, administrative staff and freelancers.  We believe a quality media system that serves all Canadians is built on healthy organizations that treat workers fairly.

Together we are the Guild.

Strong unions are built when many people get involved and each gives a little time and effort.

You can begin today.

You can vote. You can run. You can help out on committees.  And you can contribute in a variety of ways.

There are Guild members at your workplace that can help with any questions and information on some of the things you can get involved in.

Here are some initiatives that have been organized by guild members.

Find the coordinates for your Branch officials below and reach out to them:

The Canadian Press
Freelance Branch
Shaw Media
Thomson Reuters

The Guild office    

The Guild has an office of nearly 20 paid staff who work at the Guild`s national office in Toronto, and in regional offices in Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax

Find coordinates for the Guild staff here.

See the winning entry in the Guild’s 2013 video contest on why unions are important


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