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Resolutions form
  • In one or two sentences, state exactly what you want to do. For example: 


    Be it resolved that the Canadian Media Guild lobby all federal political parties to support public service broadcasting in Canada. 

    - or -

    (by-law amendment)

    I move that article 13.1 be amended to read “Every THREE years or when special circumstances warrant...”

  • Using the box below, explain in simple terms why you believe this resolution or amendment is important and should be adopted. 

    To continue with the above examples: 

    Public service broadcasting is an essential part of a modern democracy. 

    Public service broadcasting currently employs thousands of Canadians. 

    - or -

    Biennial conventions represent a significant expense for the union. 

  • You will be listed as the maker of the resolution or motion.

    You need a seconder to support your proposal.
  • Once you're satisfied with your proposal, click the button below to submit it to the appropriate CMG committee for review. The committee will examine your proposal and make sure it's appropriate and correctly formulated. If changes are necessary, you'll be contacted.

    The deadline for bylaw amendments is Friday, March 27th at 5 p.m. ET.

    There is no deadline for resolutions, but any resolutions submitted after May 1 may not be translated or included in the delegates' convention package.

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