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G-Force Spring Summer 2013
By CMG  •  Posted on August 8, 2013

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced today it is  renewing the Aboriginal People’s Television Network’s (APTN) mandatory carriage  status. The decision recognizes APTN’s unique role, and means North America’s only television network focused on Indigenous matters and run by Indigenous staff, … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on August 1, 2013

Labour Day – Monday September 2 When: 10 a.m., Monday, September 2, 2013 Where: Meet at Armoury and University, one block South of Dundas (look for the Guild logo) Bring your Family and Friends – Everyone gets: -Free Admission to the … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on July 31, 2013

Congratulations to this year’s winners of CMG-sponsored lotteries, awards or scholarships, and thank-you to everyone who particpated. Look for details on next year’s awards on this site. Greig de Peuter, Nicole Cohen, Enda Brophy won the CWA Canada / CAJ Award for Excellence in … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on July 26, 2013

The CMG, like hundreds of individual Canadians and organizations, filed a submission with the CRTC supporting APTN’s licence renewal in February. In our intervention, we highlighted the many ways APTN contributes to Canada’s broadcast system as a source of programming … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on June 26, 2013

Despite vigorous and thoughtful opposition to ill-conceived parts of Omnibus budget Bill C-60, the bill – unamended – received Royal Assent on June 26, 2013. The new law allows the government to be at the bargaining table during negotiations between CBC and … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on June 25, 2013

        On June 25, supporters joined the seven media workers who’ve been on strike in Saint John for a year, to mark the anniversary of the strike.  The seven announcers and administrative staff – known as the Saint John Seven – are seeking a fair deal with their employer, … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on June 24, 2013

On June 25, 2012, the Saint John 7 began a strike against Halifax-based MBS (Maritime Broadcasting System) Radio, when the company refused to budge significantly on salaries that are about HALF the average in other similar-sized markets, based on the latest CRTC numbers. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on June 5, 2013

The media are key in educating and informing other Canadians about their Aboriginal neighbours. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on June 4, 2013

We can do better than calendar journalism. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on April 15, 2013

Jorge Barrera, Guild member, APTN reporter, winner of the 2012 J-Source Newsperson of the Year Award. Congratulations on being named the 2012 J-Source Newsperson of the Year. Read more »

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