By CMG  •  Posted on July 22, 2022

The Global Reporting Centre and the Committee to Protect Journalists launched a global survey to investigate the impact of disinformation and harassment targeting journalists. CMG is an advocate for stronger protection of journalists with employers and governments. As such, it … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on May 3, 2022

We mark World Press Freedom Day in the midst of a disturbing rise in anti-media harassment. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on April 5, 2022

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) says the current system where Facebook, Google and other platforms use, but do not pay for, journalism work, has been highly destructive for the news media industry. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on February 11, 2022

By Kim Trynacity, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch President for the Canadian Media Guild How about the “Freedom” to do your job without being harassed, insulted, harangued? How about the freedom to sleep at night without diesel fumes permeating your home? Or the … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on December 7, 2021

Submissions for the prestigious Canadian Hillman Prize are open until January 15, 2022. The Hillman Awards are given to “honour excellence in investigative journalism in service of the common good”. All submissions must have been broadcast or published, on any … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on November 22, 2021

As we write this letter, two Canadian journalists are being held by police under your jurisdiction for doing their jobs. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 5, 2021

Journalism is a pillar of democracy. If journalists feel threatened doing their jobs, important stories may go untold, and democracy is undermined. In recent days, many Canadian journalists have been receiving particularly vile sexist and racist comments and threats, often … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 4, 2021

It is heartbreaking to see in this age and age the ugly, often violent, racist remarks aimed at many female media workers and journalists of colour. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on February 25, 2021

Online webinar at 7 p.m. ET on Friday (Feb. 26) to show your support and learn what you can do to help. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on January 8, 2021

The union representing a significant number of Canada’s journalists condemns any and all violence and targeted attacks against media professionals. The Canadian Media Guild is calling for better awareness and understanding of the crucial role the media plays in providing … Read more »

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