Temporary workers
By CMG  •  Posted on September 22, 2022

As part of the union’s ongoing campaign to convert temporary roles into permanent jobs and curb CBC’s over-reliance on precarious work, we want to share next steps (and an FAQ) -and a call to action. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on April 16, 2020

We are very glad that the government listened to our request, and the requests of others, to expand the program. This should be a big help for many media workers in temporary, part-time or freelance jobs.
Now let’s hope this leads to structural change to create more full-time jobs and provide stability and employment standards to precarious workers. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on April 9, 2020

Dear Colleagues Thank you for your patience, compassion and the work you are doing as we live through these unprecedented times. Many of our friends and colleagues have to go into work through this public health crisis. We respect their … Read more »

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