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6 Months Working Through a Pandemic
•  Posted on  October 14, 2020  

October 5, 2020

6 Months Working Through a Pandemic

As numbers in Toronto rise and we enter a second wave of this Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage all our members to stay vigilant in protecting their own health.  A relatively small number of people came back to work in the building over the last couple of months, mainly to work on productions in the building, and a few other areas.  But for the most part, a vast majority  of our membership remains working from home. There has been a jump in the number of cases reported at CBC Toronto over the last month, but we have been assured that there has not been any transmission of covid within the building. 

It’s crucial that we keep the numbers of people in the building as low as possible, so please do not go into work unless you have been authorized by your manager.  Also we encourage everyone to wear a mask when in any common spaces within the building, as per the new CBC mask policy. Although there is still enhanced cleaning at the CBC, we also encourage all staff who do need to work in the building to take some time at the beginning of your shift to thoroughly clean all of your workspace with the cleansers supplied by CBC.  It’s safest for us to take responsibility and ensure we start our workday by wiping down all equipment we need to touch. 

If you have been asked to return to work inside the building, and you have personal health concerns over doing so, please contact a representative of the union for assistance.  And if you have a child sent home from school due to covid exposure and need some time off, be sure to request Special Leave under article 72 of our collective agreement.  

Please do your best to stay in touch with your coworkers and encourage them to reach out to a Local Executive Committee member if they need any union support. It’s especially important at this time for us to keep our connections with one another. 

We are here if you need us…

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