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Official Minutes 

Meeting Minutes:  Friday, June 19, 2020 — 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Location: via phone

Present: Lynne Chichakian, Ines Colabrese, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Julian Uzielli, Wendy Walker, Lorne Szatmary, Joe Fiorino, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Olena Sullivan, Brent Cousland, Vish Gajadhar, Krista Joliffe. 


Meeting begins at time 10:05 AM


A motion to adopt agenda as is – moved by Lorne, seconded by Julian, passed unanimously.

A motion to adopt May 1, 2020 minutes as is – moved by Ines, second by Olena, Vish & Krista abstain, passed unanimously.

A motion to adopt May 28, 2020 minutes as amended – moved by Krista, second by Lorne, Vish & Olena abstain, passed unanimously. 


Anti-Racism Activism

  • This has been a big issue since May 28 and there has been a plethora of quite organic  and fervent action and conversations in all parts of the CBC.
  • LEC to connect members to the JEDI working group to coordinate voices.
  • Wendy shared the efforts from the CMBR department.
  • Julian shared the efforts of the Temp committee.
  • A temp activist group has identified what they as issues of systemic racism at the CBC.

BIPOC Members

  • Discussion of new hires having no voice due to the precarious nature of their temp work.
  • Discussion of bias towards BIPOC journalists and writers from white editors, managers, etc.
  • Discussion regarding the JSP and shutting down of viewpoints that are seen as subjective and not objective.
  • Discussion is about employee retention through promotion. 
  • Discussion about lack of exit interviews, especially if someone cites racism as reason for quitting. 
  • Discussion of BIPOC representation in other departments than News and their writers.

Parents During COVID

  • HR has put all the Parents WFH information on one spot on IO.
  • Execs and Seniors have been reaching out and making more of an effort to support parents.
  • Erin Silverman has started a radio Parents meeting on Monday, July 6 at noon. If you know of parents who are struggling, reach out to Erin to join the meeting or see if they want to make their own collective.
  • An email is going to all members with results of the Pandemic Survey.

Parking Reimbursement

  • Parking reimbursements have come to an end in most departments.
  • The Convention Centre might continue parking and may put in a reduced rate. Check with them for updates.

.1 Percent Fund

  • The .1 Percent Fund is held by an alliance of unions and was put together to help pay for new drugs so members could access it when costs were prohibitive.
  • Due to complications beyond CMG’s control, it cannot be accessed during the pandemic.
  • We will continue to press for updates on access.

LEC Roles/ Descriptions & Fall Election Prep

  • Changes to the roles and descriptions as per the AGM. A blurb of each directorship will be posted on the website in July.
    • Education & Mobilisation 
      • will be part of VP role
    • Communications 
      • will be part of Secretary role
    • Director – New Members
      • Will change to “New Members & Precarious Workers”
    • Director – HR, Equity & Diversity
    • Director – SRC
    • Director – Health & Safety/Wellness

Executive Director

  • NEC has hired an Executive Director that is an independent contractor in a supervisor and consultation role. 
  • The management committee still manages issues and there is no financial structure change. This role has been recommended since 2016 and other Canadian unions have this role.
  • Winning candidate was Enrico Defrazio who was an east coast rep. He starts immediately and is moving to Toronto. 


Ice Cream Day/Freezie Friday

  • Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 1-3pm pending OK from IR.

Danger Pay

  • CMG continues to bring this issue up and, after getting a no for danger pay, has tried to pivot and ask for extra days leave for members. Talks continue.

Member Training

  • Information is up on LinkedIn Learning in both English and French on the website in the Links and Resources section.

Pride Plans

  • The Pride post went up in English and French.


  1. President’s Report (NR) sent via email
  2. Secretary’s Report (OS) sent in via email
  3. Temp Report (JU) sent in via email
  4. VP Report (WW) report via email
  5. Health & Safety Report (BC) sent in vial email
  6. Education & Mobilisation Report (IC) sent in via email
  7. SRC Report (NMD) sent in via email
  8. Stewards Report (KJ, VG, LS) 
  9. Treasurer’s Report sent in via email

2020 LEC Dates

  • July 23 (Thursday)
  • September 18 (Friday)
  • October 20 (Tuesday)
  • November 17 (Tuesday)
  • December 3 (Thursday)

Motion to adjourn – moved by Lorne, seconded by Krista, passed unanimously.

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