•  Posted on  June 28, 2020  


Official Minutes 

Meeting Minutes:  Friday, May 1, 2020 – 9:00-11:00 AM

Location: via phone


Present: Lynne Chichakian, Ines Colabrese, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Julian Uzielli, Wendy Walker, Lorne Szatmary, Joe Fiorino, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Olena Sullivan, Brent Cousland. 

Regrets: Vish Gajadhar, Krista Joliffe.


Meeting begins at time 9:06 AM

A motion to adopt agenda as is – moved by Ines, seconded by Joe, passed unanimously.

A motion to adopt February 19, 2020, minutes as amended – moved by Matt, second by Lorne. Julian, Joe, Natasha, Olena abstaining. Passed. 

A motion to adopt April 21, 2020 as is – moved by Julian, second by Lorne, passed unanimously. 


After Covid-19

  • Mgmt is putting together a plan for employees’ return once the office reopens. There is no date set yet and will not happen until after the city and the province lift the lockdown.
  • 75-80% of CBC employees are working from home and it’s working out well.
  • Special bacteria absorbing foam shields have been installed between desks in several population dense areas of the CBC (like MPC & Resources).
  • If your key fob expires during quarantine, it will need to be renewed before you can return to the building. This will require an approval from your manager for security to update it.
  • We will be coordinating town halls once the office opens again to answer employee questions.
  • Look for hand sanitizers or other swag options for post-Covid.

Online training for members

  • Ask the national office to create the new, updated LinkedIn Learning online training poster that can be used for all branches. 
  • Create text for a page on the website about updated online learning options for CBC employees in both English and French.

Corporate steering committee update

  • Naomi met as part of the Corporate Steering Committee on April 27.


May Day

  • The website post is up and the email went out April 30.
  • 6 Pizzas for MPC evening and overnight shift was provided April 30. 32 pizzas  were ordered for the May 1 day shift.
  • Giving a $75-100 gift certificate to the volunteer for making masks that were distributed to members.

(Matt left meeting at 10:50am)


  • Request to be part of 2021 parade and consider it paid.


  • MPC
    • Issues in MPC have settled down – IR and staff reps involved.
    • Protocols are in place, barriers have been put up, cleaning supplies are available, and cleaning staff are in 3 times a day.
    • We delivered 30 masks to the area.


  • Still troubleshooting online transfers with DUCA, if not resolved then will be snail mailed.

Final Bulletin Board locations

  • Bulletin boards were delivered Thursday morning. 
  • Wendy is making a banner to brand them as CMG.

Working from home T2200s

  • CBC pay system is set up to issue them – they are given to some employees.
  • Starting a Google Doc to share with LEC with information gathered so far.


  1. President’s Report (NR) sent in via email
  2. VP Report (WW) sent in via email
  3. Health, Safety & Wellness Report (BC) sent via email
  4. Secretary’s Report (OS) sent in via email
  5. Temp Report (JU) sent in via email
  6. Communications Report (JF) sent in via email
  7. Human Rights & Equity Report (LC) sent in via email
  8. Education & Mobilisation Report (IC)
  9. SRC Report (NMD) sent in via email

2020 LEC Dates

  • May 28 – 7pm, one hour call.
  • June 19 – keeping full release date, most likely by phone
  • Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec selection – moved to June 19 meeting

Motion to adjourn – moved by Lorne, seconded by Lynne, passed unanimously.