•  Posted on  June 28, 2020  


Attending – Naomi, Wendy, Matt, Natasha, Ines, Lynne, Joe, Julian, Brent, Krista, Lorne, Joe (came at 8:00).

Regrets –  Vish, Olena.


Move to adopt agenda as amended – moved by Lorne, seconded by Ines, motion passes

Adoption of May 1, 2020 minutes – Skipped this until June 19


Naomi – president’s report

  • Bruce May has officially retired
  • Naomi sent out most recent staff rep assignment list. 
  • The weekly HR meetings are continuing. Ines and Brent have joined the last two. 
  • Return to Work phase 1 
    • 300 people to go back in soon, but we don’t know how many in Toronto. 
  • Hours averaging
    • There is no fine for non-compliance and it’s a complaint-based system. They don’t have to report to the feds. It would have to be a member complaining to the ministry. 
  • Work from home:
    • CBC is working on a work-from-home policy and they’re calling it a telework policy. 
  • Ice Cream Day 
    • Normally do it in late July or early August. What to do this year discussed.



  • Ines and Lynn have been working on getting people cell phone access
  • Other things coming up with working from home:
    • Chairs: In the french Town Hall Marco Dube said if you have to buy a chair you should keep your receipt because the feds are talking about reimbursing people. 
    • Air conditioning: Not having it at home it could be an issue. Some people have had to shut their computers off because they were running too hot in the heat wave. 
    • Kids: There’s a lot of concern in talk radio from people who are having real problems juggling work with childcare. 

Danger Pay

  • The first week of June, let’s reach out and see if Kim has messaging coming out. If it’s not out by Thursday we can work on messaging for the Toronto location. 

Bulletin Boards

  • There is a pause because it would require outside contractors to come into the building. But the boards are in house. 

Member Training/ Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning

  • Put Member training on the June 19 agenda

Pride plans

  • Will put a post up on our website by way of Pride celebration this year. 
  • Consider a plan to  hand out freezies after the June 19 meeting.  

Members with young kids

  • This was a big issue at the last town hall but people were not satisfied with the response from mgmt
  • CMG to work with members who are self-organizing to address challenges of working with kids at home – a rep will be invited to the weekly HR meeting next monday. 


  • deferred to next meeting

2020 LEC dates 

  • June 19, – summer LEC communication plan
  • Choose Sept., Oct., Nov. dates & Dec. 3 – deferred to June 19

Motion to adjourn: moved by Lynn, Lorne seconds.