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Meeting Minutes:  Friday, Sept. 18, 2020 — 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Location: via Google Hangout


Present: Lynne Chichakian, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Lorne Szatmary, Wendy Walker, Ines Calabrese, Joe Fiorino, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Olena Sullivan, Vish Gajadhar, Krista Jolliffe. 

Regrets: Julian Uzielli

Late: Lorne Szatmary, Wendy Walker, Ines Calabrese.

Meeting begins at time 10:10 AM with quorum


A motion to adopt agenda — moved by Lynne, seconded by Matt, passed unanimously.

A motion to adopt July 23, 2020 minutes — moved by Matt, second by Krista, passed unanimously.

10:30am switched from Hangouts to phone


+13 Week Temp Ends

  • Discussed building-wide problem with temps and reassignments, backfills and non-renewals of contracts.

Holiday Party

  • Due to Covid second wave and social distancing measures, there will not be a holiday party at the Pint House this year.
  • We will be setting up a committee to work on alternate holiday plans, a website posting, and options for the contract with the Pint House.

CMG Diversity Survey

  • A link to the survey, designed by the JEDI committee, was sent out to all CMG members via email yesterday. It is on until October.
  • It is an opportunity to look for issues from individual members, get statistics as well as comments.
  • We are working on finding out which CMG members’ emails are still missing from the database to ensure that they receive these emails.

CBC  Complaint

  • There was a complaint from management and an LEC member was asked to complete an apology. 
  • They are awaiting more details from the national office and will work to keep the CMG- mgmt relationship and trust intact.

11:30-11:50 am – joined by Carrie Bradshaw

Questions for Carrie

  • Discussed the 2-page medical form for health issues relating to Covid required by the CBC: submit the fee through MySource then through your manager with an explanation email to be reimbursed.
  • Continued follow-up with individual Toronto members about equipment requests denials.


PDD Online Workshop

  • We are creating the Workshop as a virtual offering to be more accessible to our isolated workforce. 
  • Instead of focusing just on the new PDD cycle  start in September, the workshop will be a long-term offering aiming to start roll out in November for Toronto.

LEC Fall Elections

  • Election dates to know:
    • October 5-30: Call for nominations
    • November: 4 weeks for election campaign
    • November 27-December 1: Voting
    • January: Handover to the new committee members
  • As we have an isolated workforce, we are looking into options for the nomination signatures
  • The Local Election Committee stands, with one vacancy to be replaced.    

1:43pm-2:18 – Terri joined for questions

Questions for Terri

  • Discussed contract renewals/renegotiations and overtime buyouts.
  • Discussed staff working in the building: all departments must get approval to come in to keep everyone safe. 
  • Discussed working from home and surveillance of staff work output.

Anti-Racism Activism

  • Some departments were quite active and had a lot of dialogue back and forth with leaders.

Ice Cream Day

  • Too chilly for ice cream day in September so will focus on holiday handout instead


  1. President’s Report – sent in via email
  2. VP Report – sent in via email
  3. Director’s Report – sent in via email
  4. Health & Safety Report – sent via email
  5. SRC Report – sent in via email
  6. Ines Report – sent in via email
  7. Treasurer’s Report – sent in via email
  8. Secretary’s Report – sent in via email
  9. Chief Steward – sent in via email

2020 LEC Dates

  • October 21 (Wednesday)
  • November 17 (Tuesday)
  • December 3 (Thursday)

Motion to adjourn – moved by Lorne, seconded by Ines, passed unanimously.

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