CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Thursday, January 21, 2020
•  Posted on  February 19, 2020  

CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes:  Thursday, January 21, 2020

Present: Brent Cousland, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Lynne Chichakian, Vish Gajadhar, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Lorne Szatmary, Julian Uzielli, Wendy Walker, Krista Jolliffe, Joe Fiorino, Ines Colabrese.


A motion to adopt agenda – moved by Julian seconded by Krista, Passed unanimously


A motion to adopt the November 28th minutes as amended – Lynne moves, seconded by Julian, Passed by 9, Abstentions 2


Secretary byelections

  • Naomi suggests a byelection for a position that doesn’t include all of the communications duties outlined in the new bylaw changes (as we still have a Director of Communications this term). Naomi will write up an email for the callout for the Election Committee.
  • Timeline: 2 weeks of callout for nominations starting Feb 3 to 14th. Possible 2 week campaign (17h-28th). Possible online election date March 2nd and 3rd. Naomi will coordinate with the election committee.


Final bulletin board locations

  • Naomi says we had 30 locations originally, but we are now looking at 25 locations.
  • Brent says there is not a requirement for a minimum amount of H&S board we need to have. Naomi will send an official email to Brent and Christina about the shared CMG/H&S boards.


Spring Stewards Training Sessions

    • 10 people trained in the January session.


  • Motion to run a regular Stewards session in the spring 2020 and ask the NEC to cover costs for up to 14 participant releases including facilitators moved by Krista and seconded by Joe, Passes unanimously. 
  • 2nd Motion to provide Temp workers with combination ‘’Know your rights’’ & modified Steward’s training beginning spring of 2020. Julian moves, Vish seconds, Passes unanimously



2019 CBCTO Bylaw Changes

  • Changes to secretary roles and VP taking on mobilisation and education. Ines, Vish and Naomi will form an ad-hoc committee to write portfolio descriptions.


Retirement readiness seminars lunch and learns will now be a joint venture and are planned for February 11th, 12th and 13th. An email will go out in MOT to everyone who is 2 years away from their 85 formula and give them a time during their workday for the hour and a half training. Motion to pay Raj a 5 days honorarium for updating the joint RRS – 3 days of session and 2 days of prep ($375 total): Moved by Joe, Seconded by Lorne, Passed unanimously.


Table officers, Directors and Chief Stewards reports


2020 Planning session

Swag: shopping bags, stickers, fridge magnets


  • May 1st: Mayday cookies
  • June: Lynn and Krista will explore ideas for BBQ or other
  • July: CBC picnic.
  • August: Ice cream day
  • September: LEC election promotion
  • December: Holiday Party should be Thursday December 3rd


Ideas for new events


2020 Meeting dates confirmation

Feb 19, March 26 (evening), April 21, May 1, June 19


Motion to adjourn, 4:30 pm – moved by Vish, seconded by Lorne, Passed unanimously