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CBC Toronto Location Unit election will be held from November 27th to December 1st – CANDIDATE BIOS HERE
•  Posted on  November 14, 2020  

As of the close of the nomination period, seven positions on the CBC Toronto Location Unit Executive Committee have been filled by acclamation, there will be an election for the Location Unit President and three Chief Stewards from November 27-December 1, 2020.  

The elected candidates will start their two-year terms on January 1, 2021, in accordance with Article 6.14 of the CMG by-laws.

Here are the details:

The following candidates have been elected by acclamation:

  • Vice-President: Naomi Robinson
  • Treasurer: Matt Guerin
  • Secretary: Olena Sullivan
  • Director of SRC: Lyne-Françoise Pelletier
  • Director of Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Jann Shreve
  • Director of New Members & Precarious Workers: Kat McMorrow
  • Director of Wellness / Health & Safety: David Orian

An election will be held November 27-December 1, 2020 for the following positions:

  • President – Candidates are Vish Gajadhar and Greg Ross
  • 3 Chief Stewards – Candidates are Joe Fiorino, Krista Jolliffe, Lorne Szatmary, and Wendy Walker


Candidates for President

Vish Gajadhar:

I work at CBC as a Production Editor for The National.  My workstation is at a desk in the 4th floor newsroom.  That has given me a unique perspective on issues affecting technical and editorial employees. 

I have been a CBC employee for 25 years, as a casual, temporary and now a permanent employee and I have experienced issues that are associated with each status. Throughout that time I have witnessed many changes to working conditions at CBC. Some good and some bad; which is why I became a union activist many years ago. I saw it as a way to use my voice to speak out against workload issues, and work for changes that benefit the working conditions of all employees.

A few years ago I decided to take the next step and run to be on the Toronto Local Executive Committee, and have now served two terms on the LEC. First as Director of Human Rights, Diversity, & Equity, and the second as a Chief Steward. Both positions have given me the opportunity to learn about a multitude of issues facing our members. I am also on the Local Joint Employment Committee, helping employees facing layoff.

From access issues to workload issues to precarious employment issues – I’ve had the opportunity to work with both members and management to enact meaningful change on the floor. I assisted members in converting from temporary to permanent employees, helped members become more informed, and find solutions. I have helped members who could potentially be laid off find new positions at CBC.

Throughout my years at CBC Toronto I have worked with members from across the building, not just in News. That has given me a better understanding of the issues affecting all parts of our membership. Being on the LEC has allowed me to start addressing many of those issues.

I am working from home, like a lot of our members. I also work closely with members that are still in the building, and in the field, which gives me insight into the issues facing members during this pandemic. I have been working with CMG and management to ensure that the issues of all members are addressed during this difficult time.

I believe in a spirit of cooperation. I believe we have to work together within CMG, and work with management to find solutions, to make CBC Toronto a great place to work for all employees. I hope that I can count on your support in my run for President of the CMG CBC Toronto LEC as I work towards that goal. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

Greg Ross:

Greg has been working with the CBC for more than a decade now as a reporter in both news and sports.

Greg comes from a strong union family, and has a keen interest in working with the Canadian Media Guild to make CBC a great working environment for all staff. 


Candidates for Chief Steward (3 to be elected)

Joe Fiorino:

Joe Fiorino –

Union [yoon-yuh n]

: the state of being united

: a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose

: an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interests of its members

I believe that we are all in this union. It’s not “they”, it is “us”.

I believe that even though we have different ideas and approaches, that we all share the same basic values. For this reason it’s imperative that we work together….for the good of all of us.

I believe that a union doesn’t need elected leaders – Rather, it needs elected representatives.

I believe that we should make compromises with our fellow members, not our employer.

I believe that simply because we can do a thing – does not mean that we should do a thing.

As a 15-year veteran field Videographer at the CBC in Toronto, should you choose to re-elect me to the CMG Toronto Local Executive, it would be my honour to continue to represent you.

Krista Jolliffe:

I work at CBC as an Administrative Specialist for Playlist Management Group, and have served on the CMG CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee as a Chief Steward for the past 2 terms.

I have been involved with the Stewards Network. My role in helping with the Stewards Network has been to help facilitate stewards training and sending quarterly newsletters to Stewards to keep them informed.

I have worked in shift work and M-F jobs.  I have been at CBC everyday since March, so I understand the stress of having to come into the building each day. My team is currently working from home so I also understand the stresses of WFH.

Please support me as I run for Chief Steward of the Canadian Media Guild CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee.

Lorne Szatmary:

I have been employed at CBC for the past 21 years, first as a casual, then as a contract employee, and since 2004 as a permanent staffer so I understand and can appreciate the challenges each group faces.  I have been working in Radio MPC (formerly Radio Master Control) on the 6th floor for more than 11 years.  Prior to Radio MPC, I worked as a studio tech in Radio.  As a result, I know firsthand what difficulties shift work entails.  I have also experienced many technological changes and restructuring over the years and how this has impacted employees.  I have heard and discussed various concerns that members have experienced regarding these changes.

In 2016, I became part of a committee in MPC to improve working conditions.  This led me in 2017  to become more involved in the Union as a Steward to assist members in raising their concerns and to help them become more informed and seek solutions to their concerns. I am also serving on the Local Joint Committee.

I have been working in the building during the pandemic which has increased my awareness of some of the unique issues that members have been experiencing. 

My goal has always been to improve the working conditions and make CBC a better place.  I look forward to serving members as a Chief Steward on the LEC Toronto for another two years to raise members’ concerns to Union leadership and Management and to work with all parties to find acceptable solutions in the spirit of fairness and cooperation.

Wendy Walker:

I am running for Chief Steward. I have been a CMG activist since 2014 and have served on numerous committees where I worked to stand up for – and fight for – members’ rights.  I’m an experienced problem solver, negotiator, and an outspoken advocate for the membership, for fair dealings, and a progressive workplace.

I seek to maintain a strong union, which will serve all of its members, a union which works to make sure that the employer abides by the terms of the Collective Agreement, a union that will defend your rights.  I will continue to represent all members equally, fairly, fully, and in good faith.

I would be humbled and pleased to serve as your Chief Steward of the Canadian Media Guild CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee.  So I hope you will consider voting for me between November 27 and December 1.

In Solidarity,



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