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Message to Members During the Covid 19 Pandemic
•  Posted on  March 30, 2020  

Your Local Executive Committee is here to support you throughout this unprecedented time. We want to share some information with you as we carry on the important work of keeping CBC on air here in Toronto.

Remember that We Are All in this Together…

Check iO regularly to stay on top of updates at this link…

– Employment Assistance Program (EAP) services are available during this time. Stress is inevitable, and there are counsellors available by phone. Reach out at 1-866-838-2025.

– Please don’t hesitate to reach out to an LEC member, or CMG staff person if you need union support. Here is the contact information …

– Toronto-based CMG Staff Reps can be reached by email – Ally Ding: , Lauren Baert: , Terri Monture: , and Olivier Roy (for SRC):

– Send us pictures of you ‘at work’ – no matter where that is happening, and we will post it here on our website. What you are doing is keeping our country connected and informed. Let’s take pride in the work that we are doing.

If You are Still Working in the Building….

– Many departments are offering to cover parking or taxi/ uber costs if you prefer not to use public transit at this time. The Metro Convention Centre is offering free parking for at least the next week or 2 – enter off SImcoe Street.

– If you do take public transit, we encourage you to take all precautions, and wash your hands as soon as you get in to work.

– Practice physical distancing as much as possible when in the building.

– Do your part to keep your workspace clean and germ-free. Be sure to take time to wipe down all surfaces you touch while performing your work – CBC has provided alcohol wipes and/or cleansers to do this. If your area runs out, let your manager know right away & ask them to replenish the stock. But please keep in mind the difficulty in sourcing these materials, so use only what you need.

– CBC has brought in more cleaning staff, who have been cleaning shared workspaces. If you notice any bathrooms that are low on soap, or other parts of the building that need attention, call BGIS at 1-866-771-1211.

– About half of the restaurants in the Simcoe Park food court have committed to staying open as long as Public Health will let them. They may open a little later or close a little earlier, but they are there if you need to eat.

– If you are working in the field, ensure that a risk assessment is done before you go to a location. Make best efforts to stay outdoors on shoots. Take the time you need to ensure you are cleaning your equipment daily. Instructions are posted on iO.

If You are Working From Home…

– Keep in mind that if you are using a VPN line to do your work, that the more users logged on at once, the more sluggish the system will run. If you can minimize the time that you are connected, it allows more of us to continue to work from home.

– Check the CBC Covid page on iO for tips on working from home.

– Please support your coworkers who are not able to work from home.

If You are Unable to Work From Home, but Cannot Safely Come in to Work…

– If you or a family member you live with have an underlying medical condition that makes it too dangerous to leave your home, reach out to your manager to discuss options. If you need union support to ensure that you are being treated fairly, please reach out to a local official or CMG staff rep.

We’re watching out for our Temporary Workers…

– If you become ill, or need to self-quarantine for 14 days, CBC will pay you for any shifts that you were booked to work .

– Remember that EAP is available to Temps as well

We are proud to be providing information, as well as entertainment and connection to Canadians in this greatest time of need. Let’s do all we can to stay safe as we carry on this essential work. And THANK YOU for all that you do.