Minutes – May 11, 2015
•  Posted on  December 23, 2015  

Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting May 11th, 2015.

Meeting commenced: 10:05     Location: CMG Boardroom

Adopted by Vote: June 25, 2015


PRESENT: Naomi Robinson, Jordanna Lake, Kim Taylor Galway, Riza Kaya, Jonathan Spence, Colman Jones, Kam Rao, Tony Germin

ABSENT: Elaine Janes, Glen Guerin, Claryse Boulineau, Robert Barlow, Maureen Brosnahan, Anita Adams.


  1. Reading of the Statement of Human Rights: Kim Taylor-Galway
  2. Adopt Agenda as amended. Carried
  3. Adopt Minutes from April 10th, 2015 (Moved: Kim Taylor-Galway, Seconded Jonathan Spence. Carried with 2 abstentions.)


  1. President’s report: (See written report submitted)
  • Kam Rao called for a comprehensive list of redundancies, layoffs, retirees, and positions lost.

10:20 Karen Wirsig joined the meeting to report on SRC losses and redundancies in Toronto

  • Bi –Election to replace a member who has resigned: Tony Germin moved: That the LEC hold a bi – election by Thursday 25th June. Seconded by Kam Rao. Unanimous – CARRIED.

15. BBQ – Committee decided that there will NOT be a BBQ in June and the LEC will readdress the  BBQ/Food truck question at June meeting.

  • NOTE: June meeting date moved to June 25th – same day as bi-election.
  • There is a call for ice cream day in August to fall on the 10th Anniversary of the lockout   Maureen Brosnahan and Kam Rao should work together on this.

12. President’s report cont’d: Stewards Training. Targeting Saturday, June 13 for initial Stewards training. Two evening rounds to follow in July. Jonathan Spence and Helen Bagshaw to review the material as part of education committee.

  • PMSD –President said it may relaunch in June. J. Lake suggested that JE’s would be more prevalent as job descriptions were changing with the redundancies.  Also mentioned that the CBC Webinar on stress and workload was poorly timed and orchestrated. K. Rao spoke to rethinking the PMSD. T. Germin says it’s in the CA and it must be grieved if you are not getting satisfaction with PMSD.

1:15 CLC Campaign Ben Hognesthad re talking points for Fed Election

11. Weather Document: J. Lake, J. Spence, K. Rao presented paper by sub-committee looking into the outsourcing of weather. Asked for LEC support.

MOTION: That the LEC support the submission of the weather document to CBC Management.

Moved by J. Lake. Seconded: T. Germin. Unanimous CARRIED

Discussion put on hold until after next item.

1345-1445 Carmel Smyth addressed the meeting.

  1. Vice-President’s report: Elaine Janes: Absent
  2. Secretary’s Report: Nothing new to report. See matters under new business.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Anita Adams: Absent (submitted budget)

1445-1615- K. Rao: Advocacy Presentation


  1. Survey Results: LEC will hold a telephone meeting 7-8pm Tuesday to discuss options.
  2. Handling of Survey and how to do it better next time – Discussion Postponed due to time. Carry over to next meeting.

10. Rubin Report J. Spence.  N. Robinson suggested it move to BEC face to face and local joint address it.

13. Status of wardrobe costs to be handled by K. Taylor-Galway and N. Robinson who will report back

14. CMG email accounts: Leave with K. Taylor-Galway and K. Rao to look into offer and bring back at next meeting.

16. Inverted Pyramid – need to meet or hold a phone meeting at a later date. Move to next LEC due to time.

18. J McGuire Conflict of Interest Note – Jordanna Lake updated the Committee on the actions that the union is currently taking to address this and the fact it contradicts the Collective Agreement. A Grievance has been filed. C. Jones has agreed to post message to LEC website outlining to members that the policy stated in note from January is incorrect and contradicts the Collective Agreement. Anyone who gets questions about outside work should refer members to the CA.

17. E-Vote Policy – Item moved to next meeting due to time. Meantime the Secretary will Email out the NEC policy on E-Votes to members to review and at June 25th meeting it will be put on the agenda with a motion to adopt.

19. President’s Voting Rights. Item moved to next meeting due to time

Items 21 through 30 including Chief Stewards and Committee reports were cancelled due to time.

31. Next LEC Jun 25th

32. Adjournment: 1715