Minutes: November 4, 2013
•  Posted on  January 7, 2014  

LEC Meeting Nov. 4th, 2013 Minutes: Toronto LEC
Location: CBC Conference Room Meeting commenced: 9:55am
Approved by Vote: Thursday 12 December, 2013

Present:, Jordanna Lake, Claryse Boulineau, Vladimir Dimitrijevic, Maureen Brosnahan, Glen Guerin, Riza Kaya, Michael Pattison, Naomi Robinson, Rob Barlow, Helen Bagshaw
Absent: Tony Germin, Elaine Janes, Alice Hopton, Christina Sorensen

Glen Guerin is elected to Chair the meeting.

1. Adopt Agenda as amended. Unanimous Carried
2. Secretary’s Update:
Jordanna Lake brought up issues with absenteeism and moving release dates with Head office eg: Moving Dec 5th to Dec 12thfor the Christmas party date. It is agreed that this item will be carried forward for the next committee as part of a Transition Document that the Secretary is to keep and hand over to the next LEC committee.

Mike Pattison raised Health and Safety matter in minutes. Maureen Brosnahan takes the chair from Glen Guerin for discussion.

Adopt Minutes of October 7th 2013 meeting as amended. Moved Glen Guerin. Seconded Vladimir Dimitrijevic CARRIED unanimously.

CBC Communications department has asked Glen to take down the posters for the insects because of the use of the CBC logo even though in partnership with CBC.
Glen requests all the bulletin boards cleared for election posters.

WEBSITE: Helen Bagshaw. Maureen to send pics of last orientation tables. Helen will post individual election information. Will send out email to candidates.

Mobilisation: Maureen Brosnahan: Held Guild table last Tuesday. Another table to be held on 27th Nov. theme Election.

SRC: Clarsye Boulineau Had Meeting re French department re backfill and posting expression of interest. Claryse asked Helen to attend next SRC meeting on NOV 14TH

Vladimir Dimitrijevic reported that Nov 25th is next monthly meeting of PMSD committee. PMSD committee to follow up on Manager’s follow through.

Health and Safety – Glen Guerin/Maureen Brosnahan takes the chair
• Grid in Atrium: on the agenda, report In health and safety minutes. They will make changes at end of season. Mike Pattison raised issue with committee structure.
• Wellness centre on 8th floor. These are Private rooms not health and safety rooms. Deferred to local joint.
• Mike Pattison says casuals want to be reimbursed for safety shoes. Mike wants it to go through chief steward. Maureen Brosnahan asked that the issue be clarified in H&S. Claryse Bolineau says you can go to HR person.
• Glen Guerin reported on 4th floor flushers. Now replacing the bowls. Jordanna Lake asked how much it’s costing? Glen will enquire.
• Iss ue in 6th floor men’s shower room change room with loiterers. Glen to take it up with H&S committee. Suggested this is a Safety issue and Security be brought in on the matter.
• Makeup rooms 4th floor not properly ventilated. Air quality tests say below Govt standards. Expensive to ventilate. Makeup artists are complaining. Jordanna Lake suggested move the room. If room is unsafe it will have to be closed.

Maureen returns chair to Glen

Chief Stewards reports:
Rob Barlow: A) Conversion issue B) Respect in workplace issue c) videographer says he’s getting some shifts he likes,
Naomi Robinson: On-going Sports department investigation. White and Copper suites work load and staffing issues. Naomi met with Sports producer. Will follow up with meeting.
Naomi: PMSD issue suggested PMSD committee follow up

Helen Bagshaw: updated her on going investigative work with a magazine show

Carmel Smyth introduced Chris Macdonald CMG new western rep to the members.

New Business.
• Gmail accounts. Naomi Robinson and Helen Bagshaw working on new Gmail accounts
• Election committee: Helen Bagshaw List of candidates on website.
• Computer cost…Helen readdressed . Suggested Secretary may require more to purchase laptop. Including tax…and software. Agreed by committee If with software and tax it goes slightly over $750 it’s okay.
• Riza scheduling issue. Agreed to talk to Glen.

Old Business
Maureen Brosnahan re BBQ suggestions to send to Secretary for January review and AGM
Maureen raised issue that there has not been a local joint committee meeting for some time Naomi Robinson suggested that agenda items be resent with a suggested date of December 2nd for local joint.

Christmas Party/December 12th date officially moved. agreed.
Glen Guerin requested Christmas Party Committee arrange a meeting.
Possible date for brunch Tuesday, December 17th.

Maureen Brosnahan respect in the workplace are starting to role out…1400 employees across the country.

Next LEC is December 12th, 2013. 2pm. for meeting. (2-10) 1700 FOR PARTY
CMG boardroom.

Meeting adjourned. Motion: Maureen Brosnahan Carried.