Minutes: October 15, 2012
•  Posted on  October 15, 2012  

LEC Minutes Meeting October 15th

Approved by vote: November 22, 2012 as amended

Meeting commenced: 9:30am

Present: Tony Germin, Christina Sorensen, Naomi Robinson, Maureen Brosnahan, Helen Bagshaw, Alice Hopton, Rob Barlow, Mike Pattison, Vladamir Dimitrijevic, Riza Kaya, Glen Guerin.

Jordanna Lake arrived at 10.

Absent: Elaine Janes, Claryse Boulineau

1. Adopt agenda



Motion carried

2. Adopt Minutes From Sept 11th.



Motion Carried:

3. Treasurers Report: Christina presented budget. Reorganising process deducting releases as requested, reconciling after. Will work out budget for holiday party. Approx. $8000 budgeted. A question was raised LEC members who attend meetings on their days off.

Margaret O’Sullivan was asked in to speak to how the releases work.

Motion: If an LEC member is required to do more than 6 hours of union work on a scheduled day off that the LEC pay their daily wage provided it is requested by the member.

Proposed: Naomi Robinson:

Seconded by Christina Sorensen.

8 for

3 abstentions

Resolution Carried

Friendly amendment proposed by Alice Hopton: If an LEC member is required to do more than 6 hours of union work on a scheduled day off that they be paid out automatically unless the member notifies us otherwise.

Seconded by Glen Guerin:

Vote on amendment 2 for, 5 opposed, 4 abstained

Motion fails.

4. President’s Update: Tony Germin explained he has hired a lawyer to draft a letter to the National CMG and that he is asking the LEC to give it their support. It is asking for support from the National Executive in response to a directive by Ron Ouellette, Industrial Relations Counsel, that CBC Managers be instructed not to engage with Tony in relation to Union matters, and that he is not to attend meeting with Management. Tony had the letter drafted by a lawyer citing unfair labour practices under the Canada Labour Code and says this move threatens local union participation and undermines the collective agreement.

Motion: Proposed to put Maureen Brosnahan in charge of the meeting temporarily so Tony can speak to the issue(s).

Moved: Jordanna Lake

Seconded by Naomi Robinson


MOTION: That the letter be divided in two (ending after the first “Requested actions” on page 2 ) and throw the LEC support behind the ‘first part of the letter.

Moved: Jordanna Lake

Seconded: Rob Barlow

Against: Naomi Robinson.

Resolution Carried

Glen Guerin asked to move forward on second part of letter. Tony Germin agreed he will put the second part of the letter in on his own. Suggested that this issue be put on the agenda for next month and the LEC can decide how it wants to address the communication issue. Naomi Robinson suggested the tone take a more positive approach.

Meeting returned to the President Tony Germin.

5. VP Report – Elaine Janes away/Naomi Robinson requested an LJEC update on Elaine’s behalf by Tony Germin. He spoke to redeployment issues that Rob Barlow brought to the attention of the LJEC.   Four cases of redeployment are still on-going. Two have gone to national grievance. Next meeting of LJEC is October 16thm 2012.

Naomi Robinson asked about reassignment issues. Tony says falls under Local Joint committee. Naomi Robinson asked about producers who are being bumped yet CBC hired the local Donaldson. New positions or openings must go through local joint.

6.Director’s Updates:

a) New Members: Alice Hopton suggested holding a New Members meeting. Alice Hopton raised issue to do with casual staffing. Tony Germin says he’s aware there are problems with temporary employees and nothing in the collective agreement to protect them despite the fact they pay dues. Naomi Robinson said Contract workers also have little protection. Naomi asked for reference in the minutes that this is something that should go to CMG convention floor so we know how to better represent the temps and contract works. Tony Germin suggested we write formal letter and send it to the branch. Issue probably also in the regions. Naomi Robinson and Alice Hopton agreed to draught a letter for Friday for Tony to present at branch executive meeting.

b) Vlad Dimitrijevic /Workload Committee said problems with maintenance and technician’s main issue is workload. Meeting with Manager in Master control TBC.

c) Riza Kaya raised issue with Health and Safety. Glen said he’s been and didn’t see a problem. Riza to talk to the Manager directly.

d) Mike Pattison drafted a communication for new members to join the Health and Safety Committee. Tony Germin will ask for that to be sent out.

7. SRC update – None – Claryse Boulineau is absent.

8. Communications: Glen Guerin says CBC Re-imagine event posters to go up tomorrow. Holiday party is now a day earlier Wednesday, December 5th due to bookings at Finn McCool’s. Also will be half day LEC meeting day. . Christina suggested putting something together for morning crew after holiday party so they are not left out

Christina Sorensen is looking for volunteers to attend Niagara Falls Equity meeting Nov 9th to 11th. $175 registration fee. Registration and per diem will be covered by LEC. Maureen and Glen are interested.

9. Mobilisation: Maureen Brosnahan: Equipment/and training. IPhones. Tweeting as a promo. Technology and demands rushing ahead of clear lines of delineation. Tony says he’ll address at branch meeting. Helen Bagshaw suggested we bring this up to the CBC that guidelines need to be made. Suggested a sub-committee be formed to write guidelines to present to committee. Maureen Brosnahan, Helen Bagshaw and Naomi Robinson are going to start the sub-committee.

Maureen Brosnahan raised issue with reporters being assigned too many stories in one day leading to a lot of unnecessary overtime. Tony says it’s a workload issue which may require an education program.

Maureen says plan for mobilization for night staff has changed– pizza night now being changed for Halloween.4th floor between 7 and 9pm. Volunteers required.

Carmel Smythe addressed the meeting about cost cutting measures to BEC and NEC. Carmel also discussed the training program they are offering in editing and they are now seeking ideas for other training programs. Rules and use re IPhones are being discussed with the CBC. CLC 4 week course in Port Elgin for leadership in unions, award for Labour reporting.  General election coming up; Francophone director position is open.

Committee broke for lunch.

8. Cont’d: Website Update: Glen Guerin says Joe is back. Please email suggestions to Glen. Site will be part of CMG. New info goes through communications director and others can access and update.

10. Health and Safety Committee Reconstitution/Mike Pattison and Glen Guerin.

Reconstitution of committee has been approved at previous LEC meeting. A note to reconstitute to go out by end of week. Letters of interest returned by Friday, Nov 2nd. Next LEC we select the committee. Mike Pattison and Glen Guerin will have to reapply. Mike recommended that outside consultants be brought in to train new H&S members once committee is formed.

11. Steward’s Reports/ a) Rob Barlow: spoke to increased complaints from casuals. b) Helen Bagshaw spoke of problems with self assigned APs and Producer and time off. Tony says that the collective agreement says they get 2 days off and the labour law says they get annual leave and these stand with or without a workload agreement. c) Naomi: suggested need for note to staff to find out how they are dealing with fallout from layoffs.

12. New Business: Jordanna Lake raised issue with new 11pm local show and weather coverage being Live in regions thereby causing shift duration issues and problems with the Mets not having enough time to prepare their forecasts.

Christina Sorensen wants name tags for party.

Tony Germin has raised issue that Elaine Janes is still off and asked if anyone could take on some of her duties temporarily including Local Joint Chair. Please send Tony an email.

13. Next LEC Meeting(s): Thurs. November 22nd. 9:30am

December 5th, 2012. time tba

14. Moved the meeting be adjourned

Motion: Tony Germin

Seconded: Jordanna Lake

Motion carried.