Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting – February 6, 2019
•  Posted on  April 16, 2019  


Toronto LEC Meeting: Wed. Feb 6, 2019


Location: CMG Boardroom



Naomi Robinson

Lorne Szatmary

Krista Jolliffe

Stéphany Laperrière (stepped out 10:30-10:50)

Karen Tiveron

Matt Guerin

Ines Colabrese

Lynne Chichakian


Via telephone (due to snowstorm):

Brent Cousland

Joe Fiorino



Wendy Walker

Vishnu Gajadhar

Thomas Cramer


Meeting begins at 10:15


1.Adopt meeting agenda:

Moved: LS

Seconded: KJ

Motion passes


  1. Reports:
  2. a) President (NR):

-committee repopulation: first email sent Jan. 30

-Stewards Network – training in April?

-collective agreement bargaining updates

-ratification meetings

-local grievance – new approaches

-boarding guidelines for internal candidates – one pager up on Ed, do a lunch and learn?

-cellphone availability and use for LEC members

-Google drive – upgrade for more storage?

-bulletin boards – BC and NR made list of new locations, need IR to sign off on, IC and NR to finalize

-Presidents’ Council – all CMG local presidents have convention


  1. b) Secretary (KT):

-shared Google folders created for agendas and minutes


  1. c) CMG President Report – Kamala Rao, @11:45

-national updates

-collective agreement timelines of CMG branches and the political climate

-conferences, conventions, meetings, etc.


-broadcasting and telecommunications legislative review panel

-federal election


Lunch 12:45-1:30

Adopt January 9 LEC Minutes

Motion to move as amended: SL

Seconded: IC


  1. d) Treasurer (MG):

-2019 budget

Motion to spend up to $300 on a CBC-CMG board guidelines lunch and learn

Moved: IC

Seconded: SL

Passes unanimously

(NR & IC to organize)


Motion to adopt 2019 budget as amended: MG

Seconded: BC

Passes unanimously


  1. d) Vice-President: N/A


3.New Business (NR):

-workplace culture assessment – pending

-CMG Christmas party

-holiday party committee formed – LC, IC, NR, MG, KJ, VG, LS

Motion that the elected SRC director de facto sits on the Ontario regional SRC joint committee

Moved: SL

Seconded: IC

Passes unanimously


Motion that the SRC rep for CBC Toronto LJC be a representative on the Ontario regional SRC joint committee

Moved: SL

Seconded: KJ

Passes unanimously

  1. Reports of Directors, Chief Stewards:

SRC (SL):  no meeting since December 2018

Health and Safety (BC): last meeting was Jan. 31

Temp Committee (BC): pre-meet on Feb. 19, meeting on Feb. 22.

Education and Mobilisation (IC): spot purchased for Pride Parade June 23

Chief Stewards (KJ, LS)


  1. Old Business (NR):

Carried over from January: Blue Sky/New Year’s Resolutions


Next Meeting: Fri. March 1, 2019


Motion to adjourn

Moved: KJ

Seconded: MG

Passes unanimously


Meeting adjourns at 5:10